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Eligibility Requirements:

  • A student must:
    • be a current Illinois resident, with a permanent or present address
    • have a valid driver’s license with motorcycle classification
    • motorcycle must pass a pre-ride safety inspection

Items Required for the ARC:

  • Street legal motorcycle, yours or a loaner with owner’s written permission
    • current motorcycle registration (registration card)
    • proof of insurance
  • Valid Motorcycle License, with proper classification for the motorcycle to be used during the course
  • Protective Clothing
    • DOT approved Helmet
    • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (not cloth or canvas)
    • Long pants- denim of other heavy material
    • Gloves- full-fingered, leather or cloth
    • Long-sleeved jacket or shirt
    • Eye protection- sunglasses, glasses or face shield

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