Basic Rider Course (BRC)

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The BRC is designed for novice and occasional riders who want to develop their skills as safe and responsible motorcyclists.  

The BRC helps novice motorcyclists develop physical skills and mental strategies.  Students will practice basic skills such as clutch control, straight-line riding, shifting, turning, and stopping.  Classroom activities include discussions and audiovisual presentations designed to prepare students for safe motorcycling. 

The BRC consists of approximately 20 hours of instruction with motorcycles and helmets provided.  Upon successful completion of the course, a student will be issued a completion card by mail from the Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Training Program. This card is recognized by many insurance companies for premium discounts and will allow a student 18 years of age and over to have the written and riding examination waived at the driver services facility.  Students who are 16 or 17 years of age will be able to apply for an “M” classification but must also take the required written and riding tests at the driver services facility. 

Scooters in the BRC

Those interested in taking either the Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2), on their scooter may do so. Students must bring their own scooter to the course that they qualify for; please read the prior course descriptions. Scooters owners must:

  • have current registration and provide proof of insurance for their scooter
  • scooter size cannot exceed 350cc
  • pass the students' pre-ride inspection and the instructors' safety inspection
  • provide their own transportation and scooter storage

To see Basic Rider Course eligibility requirements click here.